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2020-04-26 no comments

As governments around the world explore ways to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, easing the economic pain caused by lockdowns without causing even more damaging public health crises, they will be looking at the experience of other early outbreak countries to guide their actions. While best practices are emerging, recovery strategies will be tailored to […]

2019-12-04 no comments

Recently international media has been dominated by the hot topic of Russia expanding its role in global politics. However there is currently one geopolitical battle that is barely noticeable to the mainstream media. What it involves is redistribution of spheres of influence in the Orthodox world. Until recently the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) looked like […]

2019-11-26 no comments

Preface The word “Brexit” first appeared in the news in 2016. On 2016, June 23, the British held a referendum asking whether the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union or step out of it. 51.9 percent of the voters opted for a departure. Although the referendum was advisory, the British government had chosen […]

2019-11-08 no comments

Japan’s defence ministry is to call on US forces based in the country to ensure the safety of their aircraft after pilots from a marine corps unit involved in a deadly crash last year were shown taking selfies and reading books while flying. A US military report on the investigation into the December 2018 crash revealed widespread […]

2019-10-15 no comments

Congress and the White House have a tense relationship, and future administrations might well choose to build on rather than repudiate the Trump example of how to respond to a hostile Congress. More than once since the Democrats captured the House of Representatives in the midterm elections of 2018, President Donald Trump has taken to […]