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2021-03-14 no comments

Some of the claims Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made during their interview with Oprah Winfrey last week are being picked apart by the British media, even as Fleet Street continues to lean into rumors and gossip about the international couple. The Daily Mail dedicated a lengthypiece to dispute false or misleading claims from the interview – then separately predicted the Duchess of Sussex might […]

2021-03-14 no comments

It has been a year since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Even by then, the virus already had begun to upend life nearly everywhere. In those initial months, the world was awash with predictions, some grounded in facts and scientific theories, others based on political interests and misinformation. Here’s how eight of […]

2021-03-14 no comments

The Biden administration faced intense backlash late this week after military officials used official government resources to launch political attacks against Fox News host Tucker Carlson in response to Carlson calling out highly controversial moves that the Biden administration is making in the military. Attacks made by U.S. Military, under Biden’s leadership, against a U.S. […]

2020-05-08 no comments

The United States and China have been locked in a technology cold war for several years. The COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, is now pressuring Washington to make even stronger moves against Beijing by fueling anti-China sentiment among U.S. voters and legislators alike. But the White House’s latest attempt to increase export […]

2020-04-26 no comments

Recent reports of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s failing health have once again raised concerns around succession and regime stability, particularly as he has no children old enough to succeed him. Kim, however, has gone missing in the past, and there are few other signs of a brewing political or social crisis in North […]

2020-04-05 no comments

From Iraq to Lebanon, Iran’s hard-won empire is ablaze. As anti-government protests spread like wildfire threatening the Islamic Republic’s allies and proxies, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is facing a dilemma: Should Iran, itself subjected to severe U.S. economic sanctions, use its scarce resources to stabilize allies and proxies in the region and thereby […]

2020-02-21 no comments

The U.S. military presence in Iraq is beset by paradoxes. President Donald Trump ran for office on a platform of minimizing U.S. troops in the region and yet has been forced to increase their numbers. Iraqis are split largely along sectarian lines on the size of the U.S. presence they want in the country. Iran […]

2020-02-08 no comments

HIGHLIGHTS At present, the new coronavirus will not have a huge effect on China’s technology sector beyond the temporary extension of the Lunar New Year holiday, since Wuhan and Hubei province are not a critical node in the country’s overall technology sector. Nevertheless, the virus will have an impact on Wuhan’s fiber optics industry, which […]

2020-02-05 no comments

The outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus, first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in Hubei province, has led to massive efforts to quarantine major cities and halt the spread. The current death toll has reached 82 in China, with another 2,900 confirmed cases. The city is rapidly building two hospitals in a […]

2020-01-25 no comments

The Iraq War devastated so many lives. Its wreaked havoc on individuals stateside and not directly involved with the fighting. Its effects continue to reverberate across the globe. War and conflict carry unimaginable costs that defy putting figures to the human ravages and sufferings. But there are unfathomable consequences… The environment and climate change. Military […]

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